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Things to do


The rural valley of Mai Chau is ideal for walking. Flat, paved paths in the valley center lead through quaint villages and past picturesque rice fields whereas more adventuresome dirt trails high in the hills take you further into the breathtaking landscapes of Mai Chau.


If you wish to get a deeper immersion into the ethnic communities' lifestyles, we will set you up in a local homestay for one night. We believe that it is important for tourists to have exposure to the local communities to understand how they live from a real life perspective.


Explore the region by bicycle past ethnic villages and lush rice paddies. Two-hour or full day cycling tours over rough terrain are available.


Enjoy a guided kayaking experience on the scenic Hoa Binh Reservoir, the largest man-made reservoir in Vietnam. Be one with Nature as you paddle the calm waters past rolling karst mountains, majestic evergreen forests and local ethnic villages.


Exploring the Mo Luong Cave is definitely one of the must-try experience when coming to Mai Chau, with its large main chamber and hear local legends related to the cave and its place in Vietnamese history. Explore some of the caves mystical passages and tunnels.


Learn about local culture with a cooking class led by a Thai chef that starts with an early morning visit to the market followed by creating traditional Thai dishes of the region.

Handicraft Village Tour

Take a trip to the traditional Thai trade village of Lac where local villagers create and sell beautiful handmade scarves and instruct visitors on the art of weaving.

Thai Dance Performance

Enjoy a traditional Thai dance performance at the Mai Chau Lodge where you may even be asked to join in the fun!

Sunday Market Tour

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the lively Pa Co Sunday Market. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the indigenous here when taking a walk to see how the local people make a living every day and buying some of the handicrafts made by H'mong people.

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